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DRF70652."Aldo Schmidt" - Grenadier Section Leader w/Panzerschreck, Gren.Regt.1083, 544.Volksgrenadier-Division, Czechoslovakia 1944/45 (Feldwebel) $69.95

- Winter Fur Cap
- Splinter Pattern Camouflage Winter Mittens
- Marsh 44 Pattern Camouflage Winter Reversible Parka
- M43 Trousers, Keilhosen
- Marsh 44 Pattern Camouflage Reversible Overtrousers 
- Sweater
- Felt Winter Marching Boot
- Wehrmacht Equipment Belt
- 9mm Pistole 640(b) Holster
- RPzB 54 "Panzerschreck"
- Rocket
- 9mm Pistole 640(b)
- NEO Body
- Men Hand
- New Character Head
- Clear Stand Mount

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DRF70563."Gerhard Hrach" - LAH infantry Scout, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2,
LAH Division, Caen, 1944 (Panzergrenadier)
- M41 Camouflage Field Cap (Field Made) (New Tooling)
- Italian Camouflage Smock (Field-Made) (New Color)
- Field Shirt
- M43 Trousers, Keilhosen
- Italian Camouflage Overtrousers (Field-Made) (New Color)
- Ankle Boots
- Gew43 Ammunition Pouch
- Kar98k Ammunition Pouch
- M31 Breadbag
- Equipment Belt
- Combat Suspender ("Y" Straps) (Leather)
- M38 Gas Mask Container
- S84/98 Bayonet w/Scabbard
- M31 Mess Kit (w/Medium Weathering)
- Straight-handle Entrenching Tool
- Straight-handle Entrenching Tool Carrier (Leather)
- M31 Water Bottle
- G43 Magazine
- Gewehr 43 Semi-Automatic Rifle
- M39 Smoke Stick Grenade (Nebelhand Granate 39)

DRF70073s.jpg (5821 bytes)

DRA70073. "Anton Wessel" - Volksgrenadier w/StG44 "Vampyr" 31.Volksgrenadier-Div.
Berlin 1945 (Volksgrenadier)
- Field Cap
- M44 Jacket (Wehrmacht Infantry Private)
- Winterarnabzug Trouser, reversible Heer Splinter/White
- M44 Trousers, Keilhosen
- Sweater
- Ankle Boots (Black) w/ gaiters
- M44 Breadbag
- Combat Suspender ("Y" Straps)
- Wehrmacht Equipment Belt w/ belt loop
- Tragestell 39
- S84/98 Bayonet and scabbard
- M31 Mess Kit (medium weathering)
- M31 Water Bottle with hair -- Standard
- M40 Ammo Pouch
- MP44 Magazine w/ weathering
- MP44 w/Vampyr IR Scope & Battery Backpack w/ weathering

70471s.jpg (9069 bytes)

DRA70471.1/6 "Taras Karabanyk" Cossack Cavalry NCO, Kuban-Kosak-Reiterregiment 4,
Eastern Front 1944 (Vakhmistr)
- Kuban Cossack Kubanka
- Cossack Breeches (Kuban type)
- Cossack Tunic (Dutch Army Type)
-Officer Riding Boots
- Kar98k Ammunition Pouch (Standard)
- Wehrmacht Equipment Belt
- Cossack Saber
- Cossack Saber Scabbard w/ Shoulder strap
- Kar98k Rifle
- Kar98K Stripper Clip Ammunition
- Collar tabs (Cossack)
- Wehrmacht National Emblem
- Cossack Kuban Sleeve Patch
- Tresse Braid on collar
- Shoulder Tabs (Cossack NCO - Vakhmistr)
- NEO Male body
- Male Hands
- New headsculpt
- Clear figure stand
- 1/6 Horse - chestnut color
- Saddle Blanket
- Horse Bridle
- Saddle
- Saddlebags

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DRA70100."Reinhardt Mossi" - Africa Korps Infantry. $39.95

ernst1s.jpg (5011 bytes)

DRAGONMODEL2.German World War 2 Wehrmacht Sniper.Ukraine 1944.New from
Dragon Models.1/16 scale.$39.95                   Photo #2 

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DRAGONMODEL4.L.A.H. Division private (schutze) "Alfred".Aachen 1944.Comes with
MP-44,2 stick grenades,bayonet,etc.$44.95 PHOTO 2       PHOTO 3

cavalry05s.jpg (5719 bytes)

5.German Calvaryman Horst with MP44 and horse Blitz. 
                                      PHOTO 1

gunther-s.jpg (5032 bytes)

6.German Gibirgsjager Gunther Hengst Caucasus 1942. $39.95
DRF70012.Dragon 12" action figure German Grenadier Wilhelm Austria 1945. $89.95


DRA75007S.jpg (50343 bytes)

DRA75007.1/6 Schweres Wurfgerät 41 Rocket Launcher. $49.95
The Schweres Wurfgerät 41 (“heavy throwing apparatus”) was a tubular steel framework on which either 280mm HE or 320mm incendiary rockets in wooden or steel crates could be placed. Once the shipping crates containing the rockets had been inclined at the right angle, the rockets could be fired. The HE shells had a maximum range of 1920m while the 320mm rockets could reach 2195m. Dragon’s highly detailed model features the correct steel frame, as well as a total of four shipping crates each containing a rocket. Detail has been maximized by the inclusion of separate components for the wooden crates and rockets, with the former possessing authentic-looking wood-grain patterns. All parts of this large-scale model kit fit together with ease. The set features two 28cm rockets and two of the larger-diameter 32cm rockets.

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